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Main appearances

After graduating from Tokyo Announce Gakuin, he was scouted while attending Anime Voice Actor School.
Experienced as an assistant MC in the Internet TV program "Bj League Information Center" (professional basketball league), and his talent was recognized, and three months later, the crown program "Ari Misato's Idol Anison Honpo" started.
Appeared in the MV of "Chuunibyo no Kami Dorothy", the 25th anniversary song of Kinniku Shojo Tai's major debut in 2013. Voice of character Rocco from the visual band CD ranking program "J-ROCK A GO! GO!" It became popular in Thailand and will be broadcast for half a year.
In 2013, he released his first original song "Koishin", which he wrote the lyrics for (delivered on Joysound).
The second song "Access code Setuna" is on Ciba TV "Seriously ?! ] It will be the opening song of the program.

The first one-man live "Ari's birthday plan 2014" will be held at Yotsuya Outbreak on the birthday of February 20, 2014.
From July 2014, Victor Version Music will be the contact point and live activities will start in earnest.
On December 27th, the end of the year, the first fully reserved seat one-man live was held at Shinjukumura Studio.
In the "2nd Idol Solo Queen Contest" held on March 7, 2015, he was ranked 7th overall with the group, and ranked 1st in the pure solo category.
On June 30th, he released his debut 1st album "C of C" from PCI MUSIC, and held release events at Tower Records and HMV.
At the Tower Records Shibuya store, where the in-store event was held on July 3, it ranked third in overall daily sales.
No. 5 on the Tower Records Shibuya weekly chart of the week.
On September 28th, at Kagurazaka The GLEE, "Mt. Fuji also erupted !? Shizuoka Prefecture Showdown !! Ari Misato x Makoto Akiyama Special Talk & Live" was held.
At the "Ari Xmas One-Man Live" held at Shibuya Glad on December 24, 2016, participants were presented with an original CD.
On February 4, 2017, PV shooting was done during the event at VERSUS Tokai Hall in Nagoya.
On February 20, a birthday event called "ARI MISATO The Birthday" was held at RUIDO K2 in Shibuya.
Appeared in the SAWA-sponsored event "Sawasoni 25" held on May 27th at the Ueno Onshi Park water stage.
"Ari Misato 3310" will be available on Showroom from June 7th, and will be broadcast on the 1st, 3rd and 4th Wednesday of every month.
On July 15th, 16th and 17th, he performed at "IDOLidge Carnival in TAIPEI" for the first overseas expedition live in Taiwan.

It was mentioned in Sankei Sports, Yahoo! News, Nikkan Sports, and Sports Hochi, and was reported locally in newspapers.
On August 9, 2017, the first mini album "arimiri" of the band "Arimiri", in which Ari Misato strives for vocals, was released nationwide.
This band is a special style band that only performs one-man operations several times a year.
In 2018, he will be in charge of the voices of two characters, Primula and Merton, in the smartphone app game "Lord of Dice", and will also be active as a voice actor.
He was also in charge of writing the ending song "Let's be happy !!" for the 3D animation "Senjo-sama to Shirocha" -Time Mountain Fairies, which has been on air since April 2019.
It will be introduced and talked about in China's Chinese version of twitter and Weibo.

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