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◆ Phonetic symbol (fǽnsiər) Chick fancier is a new gathering that changed the name of the companion.
Katakana reading (pronunciation guideline): Fancy (le)
Main meaning: [name] enthusiast, enthusiast; breeding [cultivation] house (of animals and plants)

* In other words, "Chick Fancier" is a gathering of lovers or breeders of Ari Misato.

☆ Registration fee, annual membership fee, monthly membership fee are free (free registration may be changed to paid registration depending on the registration status)
☆ Notifications and emails from Ari himself will be sent to your email! (* Irregular)
☆ If you declare it in the month of your birthday, you will receive a one-shot check ticket ☆ You will receive a Happy Mail from Ari in the month of birth ☆ A secret message that only members can see will open soon!
☆ You can participate in the chick Fancier's party and get a gift only for that event

Chick Fancier (registered with Chick Fancia)



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