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Sat, Sep 14


The venue is: Shibuya Glad

LIVE Plus @ Shibuya Glad (1st copy)

会 場: 渋谷Glad 時 間:OPEN 11:00  START 11:20 料 金:前売り \1,500 当日 \ 2,000(1D別) 出 演: ASHIGARU JAPAN / 亜利美里 / 桜花爛漫 / 御祭少女 / キプリスモルホォ / KiREI / シブヤDOMINION / じゆりぴ / Tri-Sphere / ドリ☆ステ / パピプペポは難しい / Premony / ぺたっ / 横浜純情小町☆ / and more 亜利のライブ🎤は14:25 - 14:40 です。 物販は 終演後15:40~渋谷ジーカンズ1F ※(詳細&予約)からイベントの詳細をご覧下さい。

The reception is closed.
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Sep 14, 2019, 5:00 PM

The venue is: Shibuya Glad


LIVE Plus @ Shibuya Glad (Part 1)

Performance date: Saturday, September 14, 2019

Meeting place: Shibuya Glad

Residence: 2-21-7 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Time: OPEN 11:00 START 11:20

Fee: Advance 1,500 Same day 2,000 (1D not included)

Performed by: ASHIGARU JAPAN / Ari Misato / Sakurahana Ranman / Festival Girl / Kipris Morho / KiREI / Shibuya DOMINION / Jiyuripi / TokyoStory / Tri-Sphere / Dori ☆ Ste / Papipupepo is Difficult / BE MY BABY / Premony / Peta / Yokohama Junjo Komachi ☆

Ari's live 🎤 is 14:25 --14:40.

Product sales are from 15:40 to 16:50 after the performance (Shibuya Ziekans 1F)

* LIVE Plus is important for attracting customers, so it would be helpful if you could get a lot of excitement.

Thank you for your support!

[About reservation]

* Reservations are required for this performance!

We will submit a reservation list to the organizer at 17:00 the day before the performance.

Please apply for a reservation by then.

Even after that, make a reservation at the reception desk 40 minutes before the turn of Ari Misato on the day.

We will apply, so it is okay if you make a reservation by 23:55 the day before.

[Reservation from Ari's HP]

Please make a reservation from [Reservation application] on this site.

【Play guide】


(Ticket required for 3 years old and over)

[Click here for reservations from Ari's website]

Please make a reservation from [Reservation application] on this site.


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