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Sat, Oct 19


The venue is: Shibuya DESEO


会 場:渋谷DESEO 時 間:開場:9:35 開演:9:50※変更される場合ございます 料 金:予約2,000円(1D別)当日2,500円(1D別)早割1,500円(1D別) ★亜利美里の出番は🎤14:25~14:40 物販は14:35 ~ 15:25です。 ※(詳細&予約)から詳細をご覧下さい。

The reception is closed.
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Oct 19, 2019, 6:40 PM

The venue is: Shibuya DESEO


Performance name: "DESEO SUPER LIVE Vol.37" Presented by SHIBUYA DESEO ~ Part 1 ~

Performance date: Saturday, October 19th

Meeting place: Shibuya DESEO

Hours: Open: 9:35 Start: 9:50 * Subject to change

Fee: Reservation 2,000 yen (1D not included) Same day 2,500 yen (1D not included) Early bird discount 1,500 yen (1D not included)


Surijie (Star Troupe / Kazegumi) / Surijie Candidate / Stella ☆ Blue / baby bear PARTY / Ari Misato / Metropolis / Makenaimon! !! /

Fruit Ring / Heisei-Hira Nari- / GRID STARZ / [P-school] / EUREKA / Crescent Sniper / ange mignon / Tokyo

Flight 5 / Pastel Joker / Sakuragaoka HS Hinata Morioka / Attocchi / ®-GRAY / Shall m ♡ Cat / Mei Sorakawa / Gourmet Princess /

and more…

* In no particular order

★ Ari Misato's turn is 🎤 14: 25-14: 40 Product sales are from 14:35 to 15:25.

Thank you for your support.

[About reservation]

* This performance is kindly provided by the organizer, and basically the nomination of Ari Misato is treated as a reservation.

Please tell at the reception that you are making a reservation at Ari Misato as it will be subject to stamps on the stamp card.

* We would like to inform you in advance of Ari himself and those who will come to the stack on the day, so reservations are of course welcome!

Please make a reservation from [Reservation application].


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