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Sun, Sep 29



Alta @ Shinjuku KeyStudio

GIRLS VISION @ Shinjuku KeyStudio Time: OPEN 11:30 / START 12:00 (scheduled to end at 22:00) Price: Advance sale 2500 yen / 3000 yen on the day (D fee not included) I would appreciate it if you could. ★ Please wait a little longer for Ari Misato's live performance 🎤. Thank you. * Please see the event details from (Details & Reservation).

The reception is closed.
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Sep 29, 2019, 6:20 PM



September 29th (Sun)

GIRLS VISION @ Shinjuku KeyStudio

Venue: KeyStudio (Shinjuku Alta 7F)

Address: 7F, Shinjuku Alta Building, 3-24-3 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Time: 11:20 Open / 11:40 Start / 22:00 Scheduled to end

Price: Advance sale 2500 yen / Same day 3000 yen (D fee not included)

Cast: Underbeasty / I want to dye it in strawberry milk color. / Sakuraka Ranman / Kawasaki Junjo Komachi ☆ / KiREI / Glitter Piece / I don't wear black. / Akane Koizumi and Aiumi Sannomiya / Serena Kouzuki / Masochistic ★ COMPLEX / Sisters Anima / Yuri Shinomiya / JYA ☆ PON / SOMO SOMO / TEARS -Tears- / Tokyo Flamingo / Tri-Sphere / Dori ☆ Ste / Neat and clean -Nitokuri- / Nichinichi Koreichi / PLC / The world of people. / Funabashi Himawari Musume / Peta / Yokohama Junjo Komachi ☆ / RIOT BABY / Revival: I / Ari Misato / Ishikawa Ayaka / and more

* Please wait a little longer for Ari Misato's live performance 🎤.

* LIVE Plus is important for attracting customers, so it would be helpful if you could get a lot of excitement.

Thank you for your support!

[About reservation]

* Reservations are required for this performance!

We will submit a reservation list to the organizer at 17:00 the day before the performance.

Please apply for a reservation by then.

Even after that, on the day, make a reservation at the reception desk 40 minutes before the turn of Ari Misato

We will apply, so it is okay if you make a reservation by 23:55 the day before.

[Reservation from Ari's HP]

Please make a reservation from [Reservation application] on this site.

[Play Guide] Live Pocket-Ticket

3 years old and over ticket required


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